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A french kid Series produced by M.A.R.K 13 studios in Berlin.

Working since March to Dec. 2023 as senior animator in style of

On-twos which is imitated in 12 Frame per second animation as stop motion.

Looking forward for soon release. 



Soon on German TV "ZDF" 



Another TV spot for the german customer Grippostad.

Alway having much fun to animate this cute litte pinguins.

I modeled, textured, rigged and animated this Pinguins. This project was a one-man show. 

Its all done in Maya and rendered with Arnold.

Compositing in Fusion.

Find the rest 7 spots i animated 

under section 3D.




My latest Single "LastBell" declares the boundaries of human on earth and rings the last bell of attention to guard humanity and the only beautiful blue planet like their very own lives.

Lyrics traslation in Farsi (Persian). 
Apart from the earth i have no body
Apart from my breath i have no life
Except for the time i have no mind
I am not aware of the image in the mirror
In this finite journey
I am the picture in the mirror


Lyrics & Music : Pedram Taghdisi

Feel free to click on the Link left side and find all Streaming Portals to listen to the whole track.


Cover image : Craig Pattenaude

Available also on : SOUNDCLOUD

Available also on : YOUTUBE

last Bell_ single by Pedram Taghdisi_edi


"LOST IN SPACE 3" is the final season of the American science fiction series which is streamable on Netflix.

I was participated on character animation for the evil Robots. 










NETFLIX: "Lost in Space 3"



Hui Buh "Das Hexenschloss" is the latest feature Film 2021, directed by Sebastian Niemann in which i was participated on character animation.


It´s the second featue film of Hui Buh

"Das Schlossgespenst" which was made in 2006. 










IMDB: "Hui Buh Hexenschloss"



Second Ferdi Fuchs Spot for    

German TV finished. I was responsible for the 3D Character Animation. Done with the great team of Groundstudios.

On air early 2022

Link will be update soon!! 


Cover Reference Graphic by :




This is my latest single " The Way in Between" 

It describes part of my life as a young 11 year old immigrant in a foreign country. I had to find my identity and I was at a crossroads. Both my old and my new identity were important to me, which is why I

decided to take the middle path when

I was 21. 
I was then a hybrid of two completely different cultures. In a mixture of cultures in which I found my own free way of being. This was my relief.

Artworx: Pedram Taghdisi

Feel free to click on the Link left side and find all Streaming Portals to listen to the whole track.  

Available also on : SOUNDCLOUD



This is my very first single " Runing"   

i released in the 90´s

All Artworx: Pedram Taghdisi

A piece of soundtracky style inspired by dynamic Motion pictures.













Available also on : SOUNDCLOUD



Just finished a Spot for    

German TV. I was responsible for the 3D Character Animation.

On air at End March 2021

Link will be update soon!! 


Cover Reference Graphic by :




"Organic Wave" is my 

first EP. Out on

18th March 2021.

It contains 3 Tracks:

- " Heart Beat "

- " Red Moon "

- " Organic Wave "

Artworx: Pedram Taghdisi

Feel free to click on the Link under main picture and find all Streaming Portals to listen to all tracks. 

Available also on : SOUNDCLOUD



Working on 2D Animation for Sascha Grammel App.

Coming up soon!

Cover Reference Graphic by :

Puppet Comedian

" GRAMMEL APP " working on new ad.


Somnio is a Sleep Management App which for i developed an Avatar and animated it for the mobile devices.



Had a lot of fun to work as an sen. character animator on the German-Belgian

co-production animation film "Dragon rider" at RiseFX based in Munich.

Director: Tomer Eshed

Writers: Cornelia Funke

(based on the book by)

MDB: "Dragon Rider"

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